hello there

This is shooting star.

It's my trade post for all the trading card games I have joined over time. Please, have a look around. Also, there's a link back to ursa#minor in the navigation on top.

I live in Germany (I'm German) so my time zone may be different, thus the logs and the times I'm online may differ, too.

Well, that's all for now! See ya. - Mio


If you want to trade cards with me - from any of the following TCGs - use this form. Thanks!
I used the card search script from Daggles.

If you join any of the TCGs listed here, please say that Mio referred you, thanks!

I will try to update the dates on here at least once a week~

Elite Trainer semi-active Joined 25.08.2016 Updated 04.07.2017 tradepost
Festive active Joined 19.08.2017 Updated 19.08.2017 tradepost
Hollywood active Joined 19.12.2016 Updated 20.07.2017 tradepost
Metamorphose active Joined 01.02.2017 Updated 05.08.2017 tradepost
Moving Lines active Joined 26.08.2016 Updated 14.07.2016 tradepost
Novella semi-active Joined 21.12.2016 Updated 17.07.2017 tradepost
Rerun on hiatus Joined 02.08.2017 Updated 02.08.2017 tradepost
Rockin' Nippon active Joined 26.08.2016 Updated 30.07.2017 tradepost
Rustic semi-active Joined 17.05.2017 Updated 13.06.2017 tradepost
Sakura active Joined 27.08.2016 Updated 30.07.2017 tradepost
Showtime active Joined 25.08.2016 Updated 14.07.2017 tradepost
Vivid active Joined 08.06.2017 Updated 13.07.2017 tradepost
Wonderland active Joined 21.12.2016 Updated 13.07.2017 tradepost

automatic tcgs

inactive, closed, etc.

Capes and Crusaders inactive (myself) Joined 17.01.2017 Updated 11.07.2017 tradepost
Demo closed Joined 30.08.2016 Updated 27.02.2017 tradepost
Dilly Dally closed Joined 01.0.2016 Updated 16.10.2016 tradepost
Duet unknown Joined 16.04.2017 Updated 30.06.2017 tradepost
Eats unknown Joined 27.08.2016 Updated 04.02.2017 tradepost
Flicks hiatus Joined 16.04.2017 Updated 08.06.2017 tradepost
Folklore inactive (myself) Joined 05.09.2016 Updated 19.10.2016 tradepost
Intrinsic on hiatus Joined 10.01.2016 Updated 11.01.2016 tradepost
La Musica on hiatus Joined 27.09.2016 Updated 26.02.2017 tradepost
Overdrive on hiatus Joined 10.09.2016 Updated 21.11.2016 tradepost
Phenomena unknown Joined 26.12.2016 Updated 08.01.2017 tradepost
Portrait semi-break Joined 30.08.2016 Updated 15.11.2016 tradepost
Rapture inactive (myself) Joined 27.08.2016 Updated 09.10.2016 tradepost
Runway on hiatus Joined 27.08.2016 Updated 22.12.2016 tradepost
Small Screen unknown Joined 19.12.2016 Updated 08.01.2017 tradepost
Snow indefinite hiatus Joined 25.08.2016 Updated 24.11.2016 tradepost
Spotlight unknown Joined 19.12.2016 Updated 13.04.2017 tradepost
Urbanity quit Joined 30.08.2016 Updated 22.11.2016 tradepost