eight two six

hello there

This is 826.
It's Mio's - my - side project, where I will showcase everything that I have collected in the www. Please, have a look around. Also, there's a link back to ursa#minor in the navigation at the top. If you like what you see on here why don't you visit the websites linked where my stamps are?
You can get your very own!

Well, that's all for now! See ya. - Mio


17.02.2017 new stamps added

15.02.2017 new stamps added :> + a new adoption ❤

11.02.2017 all new stamps and stuff added

note to self: be less lazy with adding stuff lol

10.02.2017 finally added the new stuff I received

23.01.2017 826 updated and running again!

01.01.2017 New Year~